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The Aït Manos house has been combining the tradition of the Arab Andalusianheritage and technical innovations to create exclusive zellige collections for twentyyears. A perfect command of an ancient know-how born in Morocco in the 10 thcentury continues to this day, solely in the Kingdom and is an absolute symbol ofarchitectural identity. This is the technique that the Aït Manos house presentsthrough its authentic interpretations of zellige with touches of modernity, theseentirely handmade baked clay mosaics. Sublimating a Moroccan art form, the AïtManos Workshops revisit traditional aesthetics by breathing new life into it andestablishing zellige as a full-fledged decorative art. Developed in the Aït Manosworkshops, and surrounded by the greatest zellige master craftsmen and incollaboration with many artists and designers, the unique creations signed by the Aït Manos househave travelled the world to adorn the most luxurious interiors. Famous architects andnotorious interior decorators hence choose the Aït Manos zellige for their projects..


Behind the Aït Manos house is a cosmopolitan couple that is passionate about Moroccan arts and crafts. Ghalia & Tawfik met in 1990 on the shores of the Mediterranean. They share a melting pot of cultures against a Moroccan background.With his Austrian and Moroccan origins, Tawfik was raised for the most part abroadas he was the son of diplomats. Tawfik was deeply attached to Morocco and itsdecorative arts, which his artist spirit combined with a Germanic rigor recognized forits uniqueness. As for Ghalia, she was raised in keeping with the traditions of Fes, thenative city of her father, and with the rigor of her mother from Lyon, who raised fourchildren with a sense of devotion and ongoing perfectionism. Around this passion for Morocco and its light, its traditions, aestheticism and crafts, they founded the AïtManos house in 1995, an allegory of their love for zellige. Since then, they have been manufacturing, sublimating, presenting and modernizing it without ever distortingits age-old manufacturing process.

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Since 1995, under the guidance of Tawfik Bennani, 70 mâalems have been reproducing age-old traditions in our workshops, a pledge of an unparalleled quality. Combining traditional cutting and assembling processes devised by the Aït Manos house, our master craftsmen manufacture the Aït Manos creations designed for all types of spaces. Tailor-made for special projects, in collaboration with renowned designers such as Alberto Pinto, or even to offer modules and jigs suitable for all designs.